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WTF : Shilpa Shinde Now Even Mocks Mothers In Bigg Boss 11

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We still cannot believe the kind of comments Shilpa Shinde made in today’s Bigg Boss 11 episode. It is strange to see such comments coming from a contestant especially when mothers have been given a chance to enter the show. In the task relatives were not able to decide on a winner. Vikas Gupta said that it is disappointing if this task gets cancelled because their mothers travelled so far to get to Bigg Boss house. Later on Bigg Boss gave a generous offer to allow all relatives to meet with Bigg Boss 11 contestants.

 Did Shilpa Shinde Mock Priyank Sharma Mother In Bigg Boss 11?


Priyank Sharma was the first contestant to meet his mother. He has met his mother for the first time in Bigg Boss 11. Even a person who hates Priyank Sharma will feel for him. Mother and son instantly began crying seeing each other, and it will move even a stone, but Shilpa Shinde did not find moving enough.

priyank sharma mother

Styling her hair she told her partner in crime Poonish Sharma that his mother is naive “gai” who will believe anything her son says. She saved Priyank Sharma over Hiten Tejwani and now she doesn’t like him. This is the same person who got offended when Arshi Khan said a word to her because she felt “Maa” cannot be disrected in this world. Is there different standards for Priyank Sharma’s mother?

Is Shilpa Shinde Being Insensitive Towards Other Contestants?

Hina Khan is the contestant who got the worst of Shilpa Shinde. Just before her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal entered the Bigg Boss house, Shilpa Shinde began her nasty comments. She once again brought up Hina Khan crying topic. It is strange that she raises it because she apologised to Hina Khan for her comments recently. If she was sorry then why start it again?


She then asked Hina Khan to smooch Rocky Jaiswal which Hina Khan declined.  When Hina Khan was meeting with Rocky Jaiswal, she again started saying that he looks so thin people can easily beat the hell out of him.


There is no problem in Shilpa Shinde making fun of anyone, but it’s her style that is the issue. The comments that she made about Hina Khan and other relatives showed that she finds them humorous when they were disgusting.





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