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Hina Khan Fans Be Ready For Another Biased Weekend Ka Vaar

hina khan

Relatives are just not leaving the spotlight in Bigg Boss 11. In Weekend Ka Vaar we will see the return of relatives once again asking some pointed questions to Bigg Boss 11 contetsants. Hina Khan is being questioned by Bandagi Kalra. She asks her about her comments in the show for Poonish Sharma.



Hina Khan Grilled Again On Meaningless Issues In Bigg Boss 11 ?


hina khan

Bandagi Kalra’s accusation on Hina Khan is that she has made comments on Poonish Sharma’s looks and teeth.  Poonish Sharma himself  jokes around about it so we wonder why this topic is being dragged on by Bandagi Kalra. She raised it first in Entertainment Ki Raat. Hina Khan says that she never really made any such comments on features.


Salman Khan is never too far from coming in to a discussion when Hina Khan is the topic. He remembers every word that comes out of her mouth but does not question his favourite contestants Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. Salman Khan is tells Hina Khan that she changes her statements frequently. It is sad to see him make such statements so close to the finale when he never highlights any mistakes of any other contestants.  Even Jay Bhanushali feels that she is being targetted unnecessarily in the show over her every statement.



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