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Vikas Gupta Secret Task And Has One Hand On Bigg Boss 11 Trophy

vikas gupta

Mastermind Vikas Gupta was selected by Bigg Boss to perform a secret task in Bigg Boss 11. Contestants will get to enjoy a new year party if Vikas Gupta manages to complete the task. He had to use all his mind to do the secret task and it was highly entertaining.


The first task was to convince house mates not to send Akash Dadlani in jail. This was by far the most difficult task because Akash Dadlani himself loves, yeah loves going to the prison. He feels he can get the maximum footage by going there. Vikas Gupta tried his best and almost convinced few Bigg Boss 11 contestants but could not succeed in his attempt.

vikas gupta

Urvashi Dholakia, Gautam Gulati, Manveer Gurjar all former winners of Bigg Boss have performed Secret Task. Will Vikas Gupta Join the list with Bigg Boss 11?


His second task was to make one co-contestant cry. Mastermind Vikas Gupta was at play here. He asked Luv Tyagi and Hina Khan if they can cry naturally. This challenge was enough for Hina Khan and she almost instantly began crying. Bingo! Vikas Gupta succeeded. He still carried on and told Luv Tyagi to think of an emotional moment and even he cried. Even Bigg Boss was amused at his intelligence and said this was really easy for you Vikas.

vikas gupta

Mastermind Vikas Gupta Has Now One Hand On Bigg Boss 11 Trophy


His third task was Chori!(stealing). He was given instructions by Bigg Boss over mobile phone to accuse someone of stealing food. He cleverly managed to shift coffee from two bottles and put it in a packet in Akash Dadlani drawer.


The last task was Fighting! He had to throw three clothes of any contestant in pool. He chose Priyank Sharma for it. he went and began a discussion as if he is advising him in all seriousness. Vikas Gupta is exceptional at this. When Priyank Sharma smiled, he got upset and said his smile is belittling this conversation and he argued with him. He then went inside the bedroom and began crying which was hilarious to watch. He fooled the entire house. Then he took three clothes of Priyank Sharma from his bed and threw it in the pool to complete his task.


Bigg Boss gave them the party courtesy Vikas Gupta and Bigg Boss 11 contestants were happy! Hina Khan has said that Vikas Gupta now has 90% chance of winning Bigg Boss 11.



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