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Akash Dadlani Mother Calls Shilpa Shinde Selfish In Bigg Boss 11 But Salman Khan Comes To Rescue

shilpa shinde

Weekend Ka Vaar is Salman khan’s time to roast contests but today he took a backseat and gave family members of Bigg Boss 11 contestants a chance to ask their questions. Akash Dadlani’s mother questioned Shilpa Shinde. She asked her over her selfish nature in not making Akash Dadlani the captain in Bigg Boss 11 despite having the opportunity several times. She choose to make Bandagi kalra and poonish Sharma the captain over Akaash Dadlaani.



Why Did Akash Dadlani Mother Call Shilpa Shinde “Maa” Selfish In Bigg Boss 11?


She said that while you calll yourself “Maa” she saw no such quality. Shilpa Shinde was rattled by the comment and said that she never asked anyone to call her “Maa.” It is different from her usual take for the past several weeks where she has defended herself saying that she has sacrificed so much for her show kids, Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan but never got anything in return.

shilpa shinde

Shilpa Shinde has every right to play her game in her style. We are surprised by the sudden change in position and the lack of questioning by Salman Khan makes it weirder.

Is Shilpa Shinde Really Selfish?


Today for the first time she said directly that she was never interested in the whole mother saga and it’s her right to play the game. Her answer was getting confusing from her earlier positions in Bigg Boss 11, and Salman Khan was quick to jump to her rescue. He said all Akash Dadlani mother wants to know is whether her son is capable of becoming a captain or not ?


Very smartly Salman Khan diverted the topic from Shilpa Shinde to Akash Dadlani, and then he himself said we would make him the captain in next season giving Shilpa Shinde the answer. She latched on to it and said, Sorry Aunty, Your son has no chance of becoming the captain this season in Bigg Boss 11.”


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