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Did Hina Khan and Poonish Sharma Catch Vikas Gupta Secret task ?

vikas gupta

Vikas Gupta was selected for a secret task in Bigg Boss 11. While he performed the task very well, there were many moments when Bigg Boss 11 contestants spotted something fishy. Poonish Sharma and Hina Khan in particular felt something is going on. We wonder why Bigg Boss didn’t notice this when deciding on the Secret task.


Did Bigg Boss Ignore Hina Khan When She Spot Vikas Guptas Secret Task?

vikas gupta

Vikas Gupta had accused Akash Dadlani of stealing coffee as part of his task. Akash Dadlani swore on his mother and grandmother and sais that he did not steal coffee. When Hina Khan heard this, she said that no one lies on their mother. Maybe someone else may have stolen this hinting at Vikas Gupta.

hina khan

Poonish Sharma also said that its a fake drama when he went and told him that his coffee had been stolen. Did Bigg Boss deliberately ignore this? When finally Vikas Gupta was crying inside the bedroom, Poonish Sharma started laughing and said it is looking very fake.  Bigg Boss who is very strict with tasks was extremely generous with this task and made him the winner. Fair ?


What do you think? Did Hina Khan and Poonish Sharma spot the secret task? Did Bigg Boss ignore them? Leave your comments and let us know.



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