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Hina Khan You Dont Need Stupid Live Voting To Judge Your Singing

hina khan singing

Hina Khan, you don’t need stupid live voting to judge your singing. Hina Khan singing Moh Moh Ke Dhaage is special. We all know her singing talent but this song by Monali Thakur is magic and has difficult alaap. She sang the song without music, and it was wonderful listening to her. She was so good that for a moment you can be forgiven for thinking you are watching Indian Idol and not Bigg Boss 11.


How can Hina Khan not win After Singing So well In Bigg Boss 11? What does Bigg Boss want?

hina khan singing

For those who are unaware Bigg Boss 11 had a small segment to promote India’s Rising Star, and it asked Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan to sing on stage while other contestants were given smiley balls to hit them.


The live voting system which was used earlier has already become a laughing stock. Today’s Bigg Boss 11 episode was no different where Hina Khan won 66% votes. When Shilpa Shinde began singing she was stuck forever on 64% then immediately rose up to 71% just before the end. This result sadly proves the result of several reality shows in India where deserving talent never wins.


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