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Priyank Sharma Goes Out Of Bigg Boss 11 But Wins Hearts

bigg boss 11 eviction

Priyank Sharma is evicted from Bigg Boss 11 and it’s no longer surprising. It has reached a stage where the padosi Ghar Luv Tyagi has become a serious threat to all the Bigg Boss 11 contestants. Today Salman Khan made a twist and announced the result on Saturday, unlike other weekends where he delays it till Sunday.

Priyank Sharma began Bigg Boss 11 as a much stronger contestant, but he leaves the show as he got caught up with friends Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta. In his last week, however, Priyank Sharma won respect. His views on Vikas Guptas mother were admirable. He also came across levelheaded if not mean enough for Bigg Boss 11. He won several people with former Bigg Boss player Kishwer merchant praising him for his play in the last week.

priyank sharma mother


His meeting with his mother this week will remain as one of the highlights in his Bigg Boss 11 journey. His friendship with Hina Khan gave viewers several memorable moments especially their random conversations and gym sessions. We loved Priyank Sharma in Bigg Boss 11. What about you? Did you like him?

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