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Salman Khan Grills Hina Khan Again And It Breaks Her

hina khan

Hina Khan was grilled once again in Bigg boss 11 by Salman Khan. It demoralizes any contestant to go through this every weekend. One cannot imagine what Hina Khan feels after the weekend episode. Today after the episode she looked heartbroken as the channel was successful in breaking her spirit. We all know that she is a fighter and she will bounce back but is the channel trying to play mind games with Hina Khan?


Salman Khan Grills Hina Khan again And It Breaks Her In Bigg Boss 11 – Will Her Fans Stand Up?


hina khan

Just look at the contrasting styles in which Salman Khan approaches Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde (Thank You Salman Ji). Hina Khan is mocked for her dressing, boyfriend and every statement gets analyzed under the scanner. Today Caller of the week questioned Shilpa Shinde and asked her why did she say Vikas Gupta will leave the show in the 14th week? What made her so sure? Salman Khan came to her rescue yet again and said these things happen in-joke and she wasn’t serious.


Is The Channel Saying Its OK To Name Call Hina Khan?


If this wsnt enough Balraj of Entertainment Ki Raat came in Bigg Boss 11 and even he targetted Hina Khan. Some of his jokes were nasty. He asked Vikas Gupta why does he give ladies names? Viaks Gupta acknowledged that he has given names but only to Hina Khan. He said he calls her Lomdi (wolf), Vamp etc., Balraj said do you give these names on her face cut or character? Her fight over chalu was mocked. Good fun or a strategy of channel to make Shilpa Shinde the winner?


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  • This time big boss and salman was unfair always targeting hina ji deserving contestant ko winner nahi banana hai to teen month se public ko bewakoof mat banaye ghar mein galtiyan sabne ki par weekend ka war is all about hina pe war and shilpa ji ko devi banaya ja raha hai hina se jyada gande comment kiya and punish and vikash bhi to please kabhi inki bhi galtiyan dekhe hum sare episode dekhe hai and unseen bhi to public ko bewakoof mat banaye always hina ko target banana bandh kare

  • Biased show biased host ..from day1 they have targeted hina khan. . Salman behaves very rudely with her and he always support shilpa shinde as if she is the saint?shilpa ko devi banane k liye hina ko bura dikhate hain ..viewErs are not blind .

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