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Bigg Boss 11 Nominations : Sorry Shilpa Shinde Your Celebrations Are Premature

bigg boss 11 nominations


Bigg Boss 11 nominations has a big twist with Bigg Boss asking contestants to rank themselves on the basis of their journey. Shilpa Shinde was quick to rank herself last and even called herself “tyaag devi” (sacrifice queen). Akash Dadlani said that he is deserving for the first place and got opposition only from Hina Khan.


Shilpa Shinde Joy Is Shortlived As there Is A Bigger Twist In Bigg Boss 11 Nominations

bigg boss 11 nominations

After a series of discussions, they finally agreed for an order in which Akash Dadlani and Poonish Sharma were the top two contestants with Luv Tyaagi being third. They reasoned that they were commoners and had to struggle a lot to establish themselves from Bigg Boss 11 nominations.


Vikas Gupta Finishes last and Akash Dadlani Lands On First Spot In Bigg Boss 11 Nominations


Shilpa Shinde was at the fourth position, Hina Khan at fifth and Vikas Gupta finished last. Shilpa Shinde said last week that Vikas Gupta stay in Bigg Boss 11 will come to an end this week. She even got a call regarding that. She was delighted after nominations because she felt Vikas Gupta is done. He is finished and gone from this show. Akash Dadlani and Poonish Sharma were also involved in wild celebrations as both thought they had entered finale week.

Sadly for all three and especially Shilpa Shinde, her joy is going to be shortlived as Bigg Boss has closed all voting lines this week. Happy? Sad? I guess that depends on whose fan you are. Shilpa Shinde may not be all that happy when she hears this news, but this means all fans can support their fans doubly well in finale week.

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