Shah Rukh Khan New Movie ZERO Is A Game Changer

Shah Rukh Khan New Movie Zero

There is a shift in Shah Rukh Khan new movie ZERO.  Trust Anand.L.Rai to get the massy feel right; you no longer find the star wearing Gucci vests or Nike flip-flops. Shah Rukh Khan is a guy straight from Benaras or just about any part of India. That chappal and striped shorts are enough to get the audience rolling when King Khan will come dancing on stage.


Shah Rukh Khan New Movie ZERO Prove Safe Is Boring


Playing the role of a vertically challenged charachter Shah Rukh Khan new movie Zero proves that he loves to experiment and takes challenges. For SRK safe is boring. He is long passed the stage when he does movies just to be safe commercially. One look at his movie choices and you will understand this.

srk dwarf zero

We are super impressed by the work done by the Redchillies vfx, and the use of Dolly camera and technology that has been used in Hobbit movie has resulted in never seen before vfx. The good part of the teaser is not the vfx but the music, Shah Rukh Khan, desiness, comedy and of course the vfx. The movie has already won over the internet and impressed everyone. We are unable to control ourselves over the adorable Shah Rukh Khan. What about you. Have you seen the teaser yet? Did you like it?



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