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Bigg Boss 11 : Hina Khan Rocks Shilpa Shinde Shocks Akash Dadlani Goes Crazy

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Bigg Boss 11 penultimate week saw contrasting personalities of Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan. Shilpa Shinde was happy on Vikas Gupta’s nomination, danced her heart out, Hina Khan was seen discussing maturely about this same issue with Vikas Gupta. It was a lovely conversation that Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan had in Bigg Boss 11.

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Hina Khan was seen in the episode discussing Shilpa Shinde with Akash Dadlani where he says that she is embarrassed even to face him after the comments from his mothercalling Shilpa Shinde selfish.He said that he does not want her to win the show.  Hina Khan immediately stops him and saysto not say like that for her. Even during ranking she gave Shilpa Shinde a spot above her. Shilpa Shinde is unable show the same graciousness.

Shilpa Shinde Disappoints And Hina Khan Excels In Bigg Boss 11


shilpa shinde

Luv Tyagi was upset after nominations and we saw Hina Khan give him some wonderful advice once again. He said it would feel terrible to leave from Bigg Boss 11 in the semi-finale week. Hina Khan said that if she goes out she will not feel sad. She will be happy about her journey in Bigg Boss 11, the friends she made and not think about the result. Isnt that sensible?

Shilpa Shinde And Akash dadlani Are No Longer Friends In Bigg Boss 11


Shilpa Shinde also made shocking homophobic comments against Vikas Gupta. On the whole, its been a bad day for her and we wonder if she has become arrogant about her chances in Bigg boss 11 for her own good. From predicting Vikas Gupta’s exit to making nasty comments, she has got away with everything but will she get away after this week?

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Akash Dadlani thinks he is safe from this week’s nominations in Bigg Boss 11 is in for a rude shock when Bigg Boss actually announces his masterstroke. Ever since him mother accused Shilpa Shinde of being selfish he has been pissed with her and the coming task will see a big fight between them.


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