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Bigg Boss 11 Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan Expose Shilpa Shinde Game

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Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan exposed Shilpa Shinde game in Bigg Boss 11 bit by bit. Both of them have had enough and could no longer tolerate double standards from Shilpa Shinde in Ticket To Finale Task. Hina Khan was upset with Shilpa Shinde over her lack of fight in tasks. She is really upset thinking about Shilpa Shinde’s lack of effort in tasks. She says that at least now in the finale week show some effort Shilpa. How can you not do it ?

Did Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan Expose Shilpa Shinde Game In Bigg Boss 11?

Vikas Gupta literally unleashed all his frustration and just exposed Shilpa Shinde game brutally. He says that he is done with this fake victim play all through Bigg Boss 11 by Shilpa Shinde. He said that at her convenience she becomes mother in the show and at her convenience she dumps those children (read Arshi Khan, Akash Dadlani).

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Vikas Gupta was not done. he feels that even her cooking is a show to tell everyone that she does the maximum work. He told Hina Khan that she does more work with bathroom duties but Shilpa Shinde likes to show every little thing she does. Viikas Gupta has many reasons to be upset with Shilpa Shinde. The biggest is her homophobic comments which have just not stopped in Bigg Boss 11.


Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan Feel Shilpa Shinde Plays The Victim card In Bigg Boss 11


Vikas Gupta also told Hina Khan that its the fake niceness that irritates him. Shilpa Shinde during this time was sitting near the Bigg Boss mountain area setup for Ticket To Finale task and she had the Thank You Salman Ji look all through out. Vikas Gupta feels that while everyone is playing a good game only she is playing the victim card.

Hina Khan told him that irrespective of their differences she would never isolate him. She told him that she finds this habit of Shilpa Shinde extremely annoying to isolate people.


Are Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan right? Is Shilpa Shinde playing the victim card? Let us know by leaving your comments below.


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