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Bigg boss 11 Shilpa Shinde Accepts In Playing Mastermind Agianst Hiten Tejwani Eviction

bigg boss 11 eviction

Shilpa Shinde has till now maintained that she removed Hiten Tejwani from Bigg Boss 11 because he was a bigger threat but today she changer her position again. One more flip? She believes Hiten Tejwani is no match to her popularity and star presence. She told Luv Tyagi that she was never in danger with Hiten Tejwani in Bigg Boss 11. Her reasoning to remove Hiten Tejwani was only to break the trio of Arshi Khan, Vikas Gupta and Hiten Tejwani.


Shilpa Shinde Believes Hiten Tejwani Is No Match To Her Popularity


bigg boss 11 eviction

Salman Khan has often defended Shilpa Shinde over the eviction of Hiten Tejwani. We wonder what he will say now? Hiten Tejwani and wife Gauri Pradhan have both slammed Shilpa Shinde for her “dirty politics” in Bigg Boss 11. Gauri Pradhan in an interview said that it is players like Shilpa Shinde who play a dangerous game and are more dangerous in Bigg Boss 11.


Hiten Tejwani after his eviction said that he is disappointed with Shilpa Shinde and took her name when he was asked by the interviewer to name Bigg Boss 11 contestants who are playing dirty politics. We leave it to you to decide. Smart or Evil? Let us know in comments.

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