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Shilpa Shinde is Deeply Hurt By Puneesh Sharma In Bigg Boss 11

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Shilpa Shinde and Puneesh Sharma have been good friends in Bigg Boss 11 but their friendship was put to the test as the Bigg Boss finale is approaching. Shilpa Shinde asked puneesh Sharma to help her in the ticket to finale task which he bluntly refused. he said now there is commoners vs celebrity and that show he will be playing.


Shilpa Shinde Believes That Luv Tyagi Should Have Supported Hina Khan In Bigg Boss 11

bigg boss 11

Shilpa Shinde was seen talking to Luv Tyagi about this in yesterday’s episode and today once again she felt let down by her once good friend Puneesh Sharma. On his part he apologised to Shilpa Shinde for his behaviour and asked for forgiveness. he said that no finale ticket was greater than Shilpa Shinde’s friendship.


Shilpa Shinde believes that both she and Hina Khan have been very nice with all commoners and never made them feel kept them at a distance. She believes even Luv Tyagi was wrong in not supporting Hina Khan in Ticket To finale which she said took his side on countless occasions.


Akash Dadlani, however, feels that this was all an act by Shilpa Shinde. Both Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan have tried to avoid Akash Dadlani who is riding high after his nominations. While Puneesh Sharma showed the grace to apologize, Luv Tyagi feels there was no need to do that.

What do you think? Should Luv Tyagi apologize to Hina Khan? Is Shilpa Shinde right? Leave your comments down below.


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