Deepika Padukone Birthday How She Broke Bollywood Stereotypes

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Happy Birthday, Deepika Padukone. Shanti Priya, Tara, Naina Talwar, Leela and now Rani Padmini  and many more are her charachters you can connect instantly. Known for her Box office pull and critical acclaim we are amazed at her management of her career where she has balanced commerce and critical movies.


Deepika Padukone is todays girl, challenging male sterotypes in a pre dominantly male dominated industry. She gets more pay than some of male co-stars for her Box -Office pull.


Deepika Padukone who plays princess Padmini in her upcoming movie Padmavat is equally fearless off screen.She takes up initiatives whichshe believes in whether it is the #MyBody video or the Live,Love,Laughfoundation started to fight depression. This mastaani has shown that she is beyond her movies.


Padmavati Controversy – Never One To back Down

Deepika Padukone showed her true power during the times of Padmavati controversy. When rightwing organisations threatened her and even put a bounty of Rs10 Crores on her head she did not back down. She showed us the true meaning of power and fearlessness. She stood alone and now has her movie up for release.


Apart from movies, it is Deepika Padukone opinions and initiatives that make her fan for life. When talking about depression is still considered taboo for Bollywood stars she has openly spoken about it. With Live,Love,Laugh she offers people a wonderful platform to fight against anxiety and depression.



Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh


Deepika Padukone has finally accepted that ranveer Singh is her boyfriend in the media and there is strong speculation of the two tying the knot this year. Will Deepika and Ranveer really marry?


Debut In Om Shanti Om With Shah Rukh Khan


Deepika Padukone made her mark in Bollywood in 2007 when she stole everyone’s heart with Om Shanti Om. As Shanti Priya in Ajab Si song she continues to still rule our hearts with the most beautiful smile.


Bollywood Queen – Deepika Padukone Being Paid More Money Than Male Stars

Deepika Padukone is called the queen of Bollywood and she has films like Chennai Express, Yeh Jawani hai Dewani and Ramleela which made record breaking collection at the Box Office making her the number one Bollywood heroine.



Wish your favourite celebrite Deepika Paduponeon her Birthday. Let us know what is your favourtie moment from the actors Bollywood journey so far?


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