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Who is the Weakest Link In Bigg Boss 11?

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Bigg Boss 11 contestants got another task today to discuss why other housemates don’t deserve to stay in the show anymore. They were asked to debate with each other and convince why other contestants no longer deserve a chance at the Bigg Boss 11 trophy.


Hina Khan  Proactive Nature Was Given By Bigg Boss Contestants As A reason to remove Her

Hina Khan was told that she reacts a lot and she gets involved in lot of tasks so she doesn’t deserve to stay in Bigg Boss 11. Vikas Gupta said that she does not interact with other contestants as much as others and thats why she does not deserve her chance. Hina Khan opposed and said that he is the one who has spent maximum time in the bedroom. Luv Tyagi tried to bring in the friendhsip debate but was not successful as she reminded him that she had every right to play for herself in Ticket To Finale task.

Contestants DontLike mastermind Vikas Gupta


Vikas Gupta was criticised for being the mastermind in Bigg Boss 11 and all contestants barring Hina Khan were heard telling him that he needs to go. Akash Dadlani and puneesh Sharma had the biggest complaint against him of using his influence. Shilpa Shinde also chipped in slightly but by and large tried to stay away. Luv Tyagi was again aggressive and believed that Vikas Gupta influences everyone a lot and needs to go.

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Shilpa Shinde – The Weakest Link In Bigg Boss 11?

Shilpa Shinde was told by everyone that her lack of interest in tasks is the prime reason why they see her as a misfit in Bigg Boss 11. Vikas Gupta said that she either hates tasks or simply avoids them but either ways its not a good reason to keep her any longer. Hina Khan also told her to be proactive in tasks and step out of the kitchen. Hina Khan lost the Ticket to finale task due to Shilpa Shinde lack of interest.

Luv Tyagi Doesn’t Give A Dammn

Luv Tyagi was informed about his indifferent behaviour in the last few weeks. He was also reminded by Hina Khan of how he has been betraying the trust in friendship and not the other way round and he deserves to go.


Will a contestant really be evicted from this task? No one knows yet. We will have to wait until the Bigg Boss 11 episode is aired tonight on Colors. Stay tuned @thebollymagic for latest updates.



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