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Is Salman Khan Still Biased Against Hina Khan In Bigg Boss 11

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Its 2018 but Salman Khan remains biased towards Shilpa Shinde. We were hoping for a positive change this year but sadly nothing happened. Salman Khan can even favour Shilpa Shinde but his constant urge to pull down every another constant in Bigg Boss 11 is disappointing.


Is Host Salman Khan Still Biased Toward Shilpa Shinde In Bigg Boss 11?

Insults, sorry that is humour is only meant for Hina Khan. In today’s weekend, ka Vaar episode contestants were asked to role play each other as Rani Mukerji entered the Bigg Boss house to promote her upcoming movie Hichki. After she went Salman Khan asked Hina Khan if she is currently playing the role of Shilpa Shinde or Arshi Khan. Funny? Sure but such jokes are only reserved for one contestant. While talking with Shilpa Shinde Salman khan is a bit like this.

Akash Dadlani Insulted Because Of Shilpa Shinde?

Salman Khan was severe on Bigg Boss 11 contestants for giving Akash Dadlani the number one spot in nomination spot. Now he asked Shilpa Shinde grudgingly that why did she allow him to go to first position. She said that she allowed him to avoid an argument but that did not happen that day. You can read it here. When asked she clearly took Akash Dadlani name for the first spot repeatedly and Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta opposed.

Bigg Boss 11 Rule: You Will Be Fine As Long As You Don’t Insult Shilpa Shinde?

If Salman Khan is going by his argument then shouldn’t he have acknowledged Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan? He just asked Hina Khan about her view on the comments vs celebrity theme.


If Akaash Dadlani is pulled up for morality then why not question Puneesh Sharma, Shilpa Shinde and Luv Tyagi? Is it a rule that you will only be questioned if you insult Shilpa Shinde. Because only Akash Dadlani was stupid enough to fight with her.


Just a week remains from the finale. Who do you think will win the show?


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