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Vikas Gupta Brother Exposes Shilpa Shinde Revenge Drama In Bigg Boss 11

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Shilpa Shinde in Bigg Boss 11 has time and time again blamed Vikas Gupta for her not getting any work. Yesterday during a task she even said that she is in Bigg Boss 11 to take revenge from Vikas Gupta. His brother Siddharth Gupta has just revealed that there is no truth in the statement.


Vikas Gupta Brother Reveals The Truth Behind Shilpa Shinde Fake revenge Drama In Bigg Boss 11

He has posted a video link of Shilpa Shinde ex-husband Romit Raj where he says that Shilpa Shinde has left as many as eight shows in her career. While speaking to the media, Romit Raj is seen telling the media that Shilpa Shinde has made some wrong choices and he blames her for those mistakes. He explains that produces did not fault with her issue as Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hain was not the first time.


In the early weeks of Bigg Boss 11 she fought with Vikas Gupta is believed to have admitted to Priyank Sharma that her fight in the initial weeks was just an act. Vikas Gupta is upset with her for using his name in Bigg Boss 11 to take her game forward.

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