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Did Bigg Boss 11 Caller Of The Week Expose Shilpa Shinde Game?

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Shilpa Shinde got a terrible  call in today’s weekend ka vaar finale.  She was shocked when the Appy Fizz caller of the week asked her about her average performance in Ticket to finale task. She asked her while she has lots of fans is she not performing in tasks becasue she is overconfident?


Shilpa Shinde Poor Performance In Tasks gets exposed By Appy Fizz Caller In Bigg Boss 11

Shilpa Shinde dislikes Hina Khan so much that she began arguing with her instead of answering the caller. When she was reminded about the caller she said that she is the only individual in the Bigg Boss 11 who performs tasks. That is a bit of a stretch, to put it mildly.

The caller was not one take no for an answer and she reminded her of the Museum task where she was the first contestant to leave it and rush to kitchen. Bigg Boss 11 prize money was dependent on this task. Salman khan also did not turn up for her defence and told her that she has been weak in tasks.

Hina Khan Praised For Her Tasks  In Bigg Boss 11

To divert the topic, she said that Hina Khan never supported her in the Ticket to finale task to begin with and she played it alone. Maybe she forgot that Bigg Boss 11 has 150 cameras and everyone saw she is never interested in either Ticket to finale task, museum task, rocket task well the list is endless.


When Shilpa Shinde was not able to defend herself, Puneesh Sharma jumped in the discussion and said that not saving Hina Khan bag or even not performing the task was her strategy. This weekend ka vaar instead of saying Thank You Salmaan Ji she said Thank You Puneesh.


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