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Is Shilpa Shinde Fixed Winner In Bigg Boss 11?

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Bigg Boss 11 fans think Shilpa Shinde is the fixed winner this and they have good reasons to believe. The journalists that entered the Bigg Boss 11 house turned into a cheerleading squad for Shilpa Shinde grilling Hina Khan over her question son tasks. They believe this is a show where tasks are not important. When did tasks become less important in Bigg Boss we wonder?


Shilpa Shinde gets Claps While Hina Khan gets called Mohalle Ki Aunty for her cooking comment. If weekend Ka Vaar was not enough, we now have Journalists enter the show to attack a contestant. We can’t recall any other time when the channel has blatantly been biased towards one contestant.


The UK Journalist  Reveals That Shilpa Shinde Fixed Winner in Bigg Boss 11

While speaking about journalists, a famous journalist from U.K. has made a sensational allegation that channel has decided to make Shilpa Shinde the winner. Asjad Nazir made the explosive revelation saying that his sources told him that the channel has decided to shift the winner from Hina Khan from Shilpa Shinde.


Fans Expose Double Standards In Bigg Boss 11 For Shilpa Shinde Fixed  Winner

Fans believe there is double standards in the season of Bigg Boss. in previous season host, Salman Khan asked contestants to perform well in tasks. thsi season that has been thrown out of the window because Hina Khan is performing it well?


If cooking is important than why didn’t Bigg Boss value DollyBindra or Karishma Tanna? They were in the kitchen as well. Double Standards for Shilpa Shinde? You let us know. Is Shilpa Shinde Fixed Winner?



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