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Arshi Khan Rashke Qamar Brings Mean Streak In Shilpa Shinde

Arshi Khan Raske Qamar is back in Bigg Boss 11 and this time there is going to be double the entertainment. She has an important role to play in the Bigg Boss finale week with a task that can decide Bigg Boss 11 contestants fate in the house. She has asked all contestants to show her their meanest side. This sounds like a fun task, isn’t it?

arshi khan rasqe kamar

Arshi Khan Rashke Qamar Brings More Twists and Entertainment In Bigg Boss 11


Shilpa Shinde is the first contestant with whom other contestants need to be mean. Vikas Gupta thinks of flushing away her digestive powder. Puneesh Sharma is planning to cut her sandals while Hina Khan says that she will hide her socks.

Shilpa Shinde Destroys Vikas Gupta Jacket and becomes Mean

Shilpa Shinde Goes Mean In Bigg Boss 11


Vikas Gupta finds Shilpa Shinde unbelievably mean in the task. He isn’t happy with her mean side. She plans to destroy three tee shirts and a couple of jackets of Vikas Gupta as part of the task. She looks to be enjoying the task, but Vikas Gupta pleads her to let go off the jackets as they have emotional value to him. She says if not the jacket should she drown him in the liquid.


Arshi Khan taunts Shilpa Shinde that finally, she has taken a task seriously as she really seems to have gone mean in the task. Is she doing her task or taking out her frustration? leave your comments below and dont forget to share it with your friends.


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