Hina Khan Defends Luv Tyagi Amidst Cheating Allegations In Bigg Boss 11

hina khan

Bigg Boss 11 finale week saw an interesting twist with Luv Tyagi box. he was eliminated after the mall task where he received the lowest votes 393. Vikas Gupta suspected if Luv Tyagi gave them the real number. He and Puneesh Sharma began counting the votes. To their shock, they saw the votes short by at least a hundred votes. When Vikas Gupta told this to Shilpa Shinde, she was shocked and said she would never say a single extra vote.

Hina Khan has the Sweetest Thing To Say To Defend Luv Tyagi


Hina Khan defended her friend, Luv Tyagi which was really sweet. She was the only Bigg Boss 11 contestant who said this could have been a human error on his part. She did not stop there but said that at times such mistakes can happen from anyone and even she is prone to doing it.


What do you think did Luv Tyagi fake his real votes? Should Bigg Boss have shown the real number now that he is evicted? What do you think of Hina Khan gesture? Leav eyour comments.



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