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Shilpa Shinde Calls Hina Khan Chudail In Bigg Boss 11 and Its Disgusting

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In the finale week of Bigg Boss 11 Shilpa Shinde is seen discussing mostly about her favourite topic, Hina Khan. Today she even called her chudail . So namecalling is nothing new to Shilpa Shinde but we feel this was a new low even by her standards in Bigg Boss 11.


While we saw yesterday journalists be overly critical about every comment of Hina Khan will anyone from the show dare standup to such namecalling from Shilpa Shinde?

bigg boss 11

During today’s meany mean task she didn’t complete a task. When she stopped herself from completing the task, she defended herself when Arshi Khan reminded her that it is yet another task which she has failed in. She said that even if Bigg Boss himself comes and scolds her she won’t do such a task. Okay.


She then began bitching with Puneesh Sharma about who is the meanest in Bigg Boss house? Their ideas get selected for being the meanest ideas and they think Hina Khan is the meanest. Funny or Stupid? Puneesh Sharma wanted to destroy Shilpa Shinde sandals and Shilpa Shinde herself wished to destroy Vikas Gupta jackets.


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  • Shilpa Shinde is most mean lady in d house. How can we forget how she tortured VIKAS gupta, she called chachunder to hina, she used Akash when she wants, how did she called names to Arshi, and now Jagat mata not cooking , n feeding. As she is sited that she is winning. How mean one could be. And now she is cries only in front of camera.

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