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Bigg Boss Finale Week : Did Shilpa Shinde Bring Out Her Evil Side In Task?

bigg boss 11 finale week

Bigg Boss finale week “Arshi Chahti Hai” continued to bring out the bring out the mean side of Bigg Boss 11 contestants but did Shilpa Shinde cross the line and bring out her evil side? Shilpa Shinde does not need any invitation to be mean when it comes to Hina Khan. Today during the mean task she gave ARshi Khan two choices for Hina Khan. She wanted to either destroy Hina Khan makeup or break her favourite Sher Khan mug, which is a gift from Rocky Jaiswal.


Shilpa Shinde Finally Completes Mean Task And Brings Out Her Evil Side In Bigg Boss Finale Week

Puneesh Sharma was also surprised with the viciousness with which she decided to participate in this task. She broke Hina Khan mug and took some manic enjoyment in it. Not for a moment was she apologetic for it. Devi to Devil in Bigg Boss Finale week eh? Bad timing.

bigg boss 11 finale week

The entire Bigg Boss 11 house was sorry for Hina Khan but Shilpa Shinde was dancing on Dhinka Dhinkachika song. Arshi Khan said you certainly are the meanest in Bigg Boss house and she was happy to hear it.

From Devi To Devi In Bigg Boss Finale Week?


Puneesh Sharma had a resigned look on his face but she told him why she did the task in this revengeful fashion. Puneesh Sharma could not understand her logic but played along with everything she said. He is smart and never opposes her especially in Bigg Boss finale week.


Vikas Gupta observed that while Shilpa SHinde did not destroy his jackets yesterday to look great yesterday she had no problems destroying the Sher Khan mug of Hina Khan. Double standards? Hina Khan picked up the broken pieces and was heartbroken about it. Despite her attemts the sher (tiger) from the mug still remains and Hina Khan said no one can touch the tigress in her.






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