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Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde Reason For High Divorce Rate Is Shocking

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Shilpa Shinde is not the most forward-thinking Bigg Boss 11 contestant and has come under scrutiny for her homophobic comments in Bigg Boss 11. There was a big expose during the journalist’s session in which Shilpa Shinde was asked about her opinion on divorce. She has allegedly said to Vikas Gupta and other Housemates in front of Rani Mukerji that divorce rates are increasing because of education. None of this was shown in the main episode so you can be forgiven if you are wondering when did this happen.



Fans of Bigg Boss 11 have found this ugly clip in which she is being exposed by Vikas Gupta about her misogynistic thoughts on divorce. It is shocking to hear such views from Shilpa Shinde.  Vikas Gupta is also seen telling her that after Boys talk comment this is the second time this thing has happened.


What is your take on the video?


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