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Out of 10 Bigg Boss Hosts How Many Do You Know?

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Bigg Boss 11 is coming to its finale week, and it’s a good time to do a quick recap of Bigg Boss hosts the show has had. The popular Indian reality show has had various hosts who brought their own personality. Who is your favourite Bigg Boss host?


Arshad Warsi Began the Show in 2006 Being the First of many Bigg Boss Hosts.


Arshad Warsi was the first Bigg Boss host when the show was launched on Sony Channel in India.Arshad Warsi was funny, direct and engaging as a host. He was never rude but raised the controversial topic. Among all Bigg Boss hosts, the show has had viewers of the show rate him highly and consider him as the best.

bigg boss hosts
One of the best Bigg Boss Host Arshad Warsi seen here in the first season of Bigg Boss.

Producers of Bigg Boss were not sure of the show working in India back then but India loved the concept of housemates locked in the house for months.


Shilpa Shetty – Most beautiful Bigg Boss Host ever

bigg boss hosts
Shilpa Shetty was among the Bigg Boss hosts which channel tried before Salman Khan stepped in.

The sexiest Bigg Boss host ever Shilpa Shetty was beautiful to watch. She was part of the season of Rahul Mahajan and Raja Chaudhary. She was less direct than Arshad Warsi and there several times viewers felt something amiss. Shamita Shetty was also part of the season and it created a conflict of interest for her.


Amitabh Bachchan Missed The Connect With Viewers In Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss hosts
Amitabh Bachchan did not have a successful outing as Bigg Boss host.

Amitabh Bachchan is the best host Indian Television has ever seen with his hosting of Kaun Banega Crorepati. Colors roped him after the poor performance of Shilpa Shetty in season two. The show was launched in the biggest fashion but quickly the energy of the show fizzled away. Contestants look scared and Amitabh Bachchan looked uncomfortable discussing some of the issues in the Bigg Boss house.


Being the gentleman that he is he never was rude to any contestant and use to just advice people on how to play. There were moments when Bigg Boss had turned into Aastha channel.


Salman Khan – Season 4 – 11 (Current Host Ongoing)

No Bigg Boss Hosts Can Match Salam Khan Style of Hosting In Bigg Boss

bigg Boss hosts
No Bigg Boss hosts come anywhere close to Salman Khan style.


Season four can be considered as the reinvention of Bigg Boss. The show was getting stale and viewers were losing interest with Season three. The channel had to do something to revive its biggest show. Salman Khan had completed hosting of Dus Ka Dum which was a huge success with the masses and its TRP had nullified Shah Rukh Khan Panchvi paas.

bigg boss hosts
Salman Khan first episode.

Salman Khan entry in Bigg Boss saw a new style of hosting. He would not hold back anymore. he was direct, upfront even rude but that’s what the audience and Bigg Boss wanted. Salman Khan showed why he is the most wanted man in Bollywood with his Bigg Boss hosting stint.


During the show, he use to  start dancing, have a comedy track with one contestant mock Veena Malik and praise Shweta Tiwary who was the eventual winner of the show.


Sanjay Dutt And Salman Khan Hosting Bigg Boss Season 5 Was Double Trouble For TRP

bigg boss hosts
More Sanjay Dutt and Less Salman Khan was trouble for the show.

Among all Bigg Boss hosts, season five was the weakest despite having Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. Salman Khan began the show but had to leave midway as he had to wrap up his movie. Good friend Sanjay Dutt was roped in to do the anchoring duties in his absence.


Sanjay Dutt those days was in his Kancha Cheena look of Agneepath. He began the show saying “five, five, five ..” and no one took him seriously ever since. He looked funny and could not control the most unruly bunch of Bigg Boss contestants ever. That season saw maximum fights with Akashdeep Saigal (Sky), Sid, Amar Upadhyay. Sunny Leone was also part of the season and Juhi Parmar won it.


Salman Khan came back for few episodes and one day he went inside the Bigg Boss house and gave an absolute hammering to all Bigg Boss contestants. he told Amar Upadhyay to stop wearing fake Being Human clothes and to develop a spine. He asked Sid who had tattoos of Moksha and Karma to put them on his forehead so that he can remember it better.



Bigg Boss 6 – Viewers and TRP are back With Salman Khan

bigg boss hosts
The familiar face of Salman Khan is back and the audience fall in love with their Bigg Boss Hosts.

Salman Khan had two major fights in the season. One was with hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani when she called him a serial women beater.  and the other was with Wildcard entry Imam Siddique who told him Time Out. Imam had also said that he is responsible in the success of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman khan lashed at him and said to never take credit for SRK success. he said that SRK is SRK because of his talent, hardwork and dedication.

He hardly spoke with Sapna Bhavnani again after the fight and Imam never dared to mess with the Bigg Boss hosts again.


Bigg Boss 7 –  Unfair Salman Khan Controversy

Bigg Boss hosts
Not a happy time for Salman Khan when he was branded unfair and biased. Threatens to walk out of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Season seven saw the biggest controversy in Bigg Boss history and Salman Khan was close to leaving the show. He was alleged by Gauahar Khan of being Unfair towards Kajol’s sister Taisha Mukherji and another co-contestant Armaan Kohli who happens to be his mother, Helen best friend’s son.


Social media campaigns began to target Salman Khan for his bias towards Gauahar Khan and he eventually softened his position in Bigg Boss 7. Gauhar Khan won the show.


Bigg Boss Season 8 – Salman Khan and Farah Khan


bigg boss hosts

Salman Khan was blamed in this season for being partial towards contestant Puneet Issar who is his very good friend of the actor. Viewers of Bigg Boss and Karishma Tanna fans were up in arms protesting that Salman Khan is not even blaming him for violence.

He loved Gautam Gultai style of play and mocked Karishma Tanna throughout the season. Gautam Gulati won the show. He had to leave the show after completing the majority of the episodes. Farah Khan was brought in to complete the remainder of the episodes.


Farah Khan Gets An Opportunity


bigg boss hosts

Farah Khan who is huge Bigg Boss fan was roped in to host a small segment of Bigg Boss as Salman Khan was busy with film commitments. She did the hosting in her own style but viewers missed the frank and engaging Salman Khan.

Season 9 Salman Khan


bigg boss hosts

Double trouble was the theme of Season nine and Salman Khan once again resumed hosting duties with a huge bump in price. During weekends we saw a special panel on the show that consisted of news anchors and ex- Bigg Boss contestants. This panel use to ask some tough questions with season nine contestants.

Season 10 Celebrity Vs Indiawaale


bigg boss hosts

Celebrities vs Commoners was the theme of the tenth season of Bigg Boss and anchor Salman Khan was at his usual best. The show saw controversial contestant Om Swamy participate in the show and commoner Manveer Gujrar won the season. Bani J was the first runner-up of the season.

Bigg Boss Season 11  Salman KhanBiased Towards Shilpa Shinde?


The tagline of the season was Main house vs Padosi Ghar, and Salman Khan is blamed by viewers for being biased towards Shilpa Shinde throughout the show. Hina Khan and Arshi Khan discussed during the show that the show has become biased towards the Shilpa Shinde and whoever supports her gets the praise on weekends. Thank You, Salmaan Ji, had become a running joke both inside and outside the Bigg Boss house. The show is in its finale week.


Bigg Boss hosts are not just limited to hindi language alone in India as the show is fast expanding in the regional languages. We already have Bigg Boss Tamil, Kannada,Telugu and Bangla versions and all are performing very well.

Bigg Boss Hosts Regional Bigg Boss Kannada


bigg boss hosts
Actor Sudeep seen hosting Bigg Boss Kannada

Bigg Boss Kannada is into its fifth season and has popular actor Sudeep as its anchor. The setting is normal but the tasks are identical to the main Bigg Boss Hindi.


Bigg Boss Tamil – Superstar Kamal hassan Hoins The Hosting Party

bigg boss hosts
Superstar Kamal Hassan brings spark with his tamil hosting of Bigg Boss.

Superstar Kamal Hassan has made his entry into television and he is bringing a unique style to Bigg Boss hosting. The conversations and anchoring is very direct.


Bigg Boss Telugu


Jr.Ntr hosts Bigg Boss Telugu and it is in its first season.


Bigg Boss Bangla

bigg boss hosts

The Bangla version is currently anchored by host Jeet and the tone is soft if you compare it with main Bigg Boss.


There are the Bigg Boss hosts that we have. Salman Khan by far is the industry benchmark who is setting the standard for others to follow. Let us know who is your favourite Bigg Boss hosts in comments below.


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