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Bigg Boss 11 Why Must Shilpa Shinde Regressive Cooking Story Concern You?

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Bigg Boss 11 fans by now are well aware of the journalist’s drama that happened this week in the Bigg Boss house. There is a reason why you need to be concerned about the questions and the kind of model we are projecting. By criticizing Hina Khan, arent we setting a regressive tone in Bigg Boss 11 and a terrible example.


It is sad that Bigg Boss 11 is Ok with Shilpa Shinde homophobic comments on Vikas Gupta and namecalling on Hina Khan but prefers to highlight cooking issue which pushes us back. The conservative mindset is repulsive. Watching journalists interrogate Hina Khan you get a feeling that not tasks but kitchen duties are given priority.

Why Shilpa Shinde Cooking Story Is Regressive In Bigg Boss 11?

Indian women and housewives today have gone way beyond the soap opera story journalists were spinning around Shilpa Shinde. Today we have our own careers and livelihood and if Shilpa Shinde doesn’t want to do her task it doesn’t mean she or journalist speaks for all women in India. Do not pin the women in the kitchen and stop judging them on kitchen duties. That is a regressive mindset which even Bollywood is fighting hard to break.

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Their line of argument reminds of 80’s Bollywood when girls who are in the kitchen were supposed to be praiseworthy while college going girls were considered to be too advanced. Its sad to see similar mentality come back in 2018 on Indias biggest reality Tv Show, Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 11 Can do better Than Just Criticize  Fearless Hina Khan For Her Statements

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Hina Khan is no perfect example. In the Rani Mukerji episode of Bigg Boss 11 she said once again that the there is perfection in imperfection. Should she be criticized for her comments? Surely. But please don’t pull up a person for being unapologetic about her life. Don’t ask her to become soap opera bahu when she isn’t.



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