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Bigg Boss Finale Week : Is Hina Khan Targeted In Vikas City task ?

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Bigg Boss 11 finale tasks are modelled to bring out the meanness in contestants. Vikas City task will remind you of Gautam City. Vikas Gupta is the dictator of his city and all Bigg Boss 11 contestants were told to follow his orders. But in a major twist the contestant who leaves the task would be giving away three lakhs rupees to Vikas Gupta and reducing it from prize money. Not a fair deal. Hina Khan says she will fight and not press on the buzzer.

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Bigg Boss Says Hina Khan Is Right But House Mates Fight In Bigg Boss 11


Puneesh Sharma was asked to shave his head and he immediately pressed the buzzer. Hina Khan completed the first part of the task and was about to do the second part which was to get dressed in a saree. She was taking her time and in this time Vikas Gupta was getting irritated. He asked her stay mum. She made a mistake here by trying to irritate him. He goes out and presses her buzzer and thinks she is out of the task. Vikas Gupta wanted her out of the task.

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Hina Khan came back and asked her again if he wants her to change and come but he said her task is over. He was trying to win the task, but this was a petty attempt at doing it. Despite all this, they got their wish, or so they believed.


Was Hina Khan targeted By Shilpa Shinde Vikas Gupta In Vikas City task?

hina khan targeted
Hina Khan alone in Bigg Boss 11 is targetted in Vikas City task.


Hina Khan at this moment was lying on her bed and we had three people Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde and Puneesh Sharma all speaking against her. They all continuously were bitching about Hina Khan and ironically enough saying that she makes the task dirty. It was hard to see the logic in their argument.



Bigg Boss had to intervene and say that Hina Khan isn’t at fault and she is still very much a part of the task. Vikas Gupta lost it and began shouting.  He may well be right, but in this task, it appeared as if they did not want her to enter the task. By the end of it all, she was fed up with the drama and was tired. The two warring contestants tried to patch up but still had their differences.  Hina Khan believes just like Gautam Gulati, Vikas Gupta is winning Bigg Boss 11.


You let us know what you think of Viaks City from Bigg Boss 11 finale week? Will it impact the final winner?


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