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Shocking Vikas Gupta Asks Hina Khan To Stamp Mothers Picture?

vikas gupta and hina khan

Vikas Gupta may be mastermind but he is being heartless in tomorrows Bigg Boss 11 by asking Hina Khan to stamp on his mother’s picture. Seriously why would anyone give such a task? Hina Khan is the contestant who is playing the task and she is shocked to hear this order from him.

Who is to be blamed for Vikas City task? Vikas Gupta or Hina Khan ?


Hina Khan says that she will not press the buzzer and she continues with the task. She says that she values the six lakhs and does not want to deduct it from the winner’s cheque by pressing the buzzer. I know Vikas Gupta loves his tasks but seriously using mothers picture? This looks like a way to gain sympathy. You be the judge.


Is Hina Khan at fault in not pressing the buzzer? Who is to be blamed here? Vikas Gupta for giving the task or Hina Khan for not pressing the buzzer?


Vika Gupta is the dictator in Vikas City and he has to make contestants press the buzzer by not follow his orders. Any contestant who press the buzzer will deduct three lakh rupees from prize money and Vikas Gupta can win it.

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