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Hina Khan Is A Winner Vikas Gupta Shilpa Shinde Have Lost it Bigg Boss 11

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Hina Khan you have won hearts and respect for the way you performed in Vikas City task in Bigg Boss 11 finale week. The task became dirty from the get go but she showed she is a genuine soul with Vikas City task in Bigg Boss 11 finale week. She used her brain to defeat mastermind Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde who joined hands and lost six lakhs  rupees just to defeat Hina Khan.

Hina Khan Wins Respect and Hearts In Vikas City Task

Vikas Gupta knew his biggest threat in this task is Hina Khan and even before the task began he called up Shilpa Shinde and asked her to leave the task by pressing the buzzer and guess what she agreed. She left one more task.

vikas gupta and hina khan

Hina Khan was asked to break Puneesh Sharma bracelet which is his favourite possession.She said that she will do the task much to the delight of Shilpa Shinde.  Hina Khan used her brains to flop mastermind Vikas Gupta game here. She cutely pretended to hit the bracelet but did not do it. She hit her own hand but didn’t hit the bracelet. Vikas Gupta lost his cool and asked her to smash it with dumbell. She continued to do the same thing but never actually  broke the bracelet and Vikas Gupta lost his cool at her smartness.

Hina Khan Showed That She is A Genuine Soul With Vikas City Task in Bigg Boss 11


His next task was shameful, to say the least. He asked Hina Khan to stamp on his mother’s picture. What did Hina Khan do? She did not step on it. Shilpa Shinde could not bear the smartness of Hina Khan. She stepped on the pillow on which the picture was there but never stepped on the picture and said that she is just missing her mark and losing balance.


Hina Khan stood tall in Vikas City task and showed once again how to do task in Bigg Boss 11. She has won a lot of hearts and respect today and stands like a winner. What are your thoughts. Who do you support?



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