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Shilpa Shinde For The Win Sets New World Record Bigg Boss 11

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Shilpa Shinde For The Win creates a massive worldwide trend of over two million. Shilpa Shinde fans wanted to show their excitement on twitter and prove it to to the world that she is the only deserving contestant in Bigg Boss 11 for the title. The trend picked up massive speed as Shilpa Shinde fans often do and the trend quickly apeared in the trending list. To appear in the worldwide trending list with 2.3 Million tweets is a massive achievement by Shilpa Shinde fans and they are setting the bar very high for other fanclubs.

Shilpa Shinde For the Win Trends Thanks To The Love Of fans!


Shilpa Shinde For The Win is currently at 2.4 Million tweets at the time of posting and its is not showing any signs of slowing down .We will post some of the best tweet here for you to go by.

Vindoo dara Singh can never be away from a Shilpa Shinde trend and he thinks this is a low budget trend running only on fans.


This Shilpa Shinde loves her journey in Bigg Boss 11.

Read The Best tweets From Shilpa Shinde For The Win

Emocraze is happy that Shilpa Shinde For The Win is breaking new records and is urging fans to continue.

HerdHush shares the best quality of Shilpa Shinde.


Congratulation Shilpa Shinde fans for putting in all the effort and making trends behind your star Shilpa Shinde. Its believed that Shilpa Shinde indeed has won the show but we will know the final confirmation tomorrow when Bigg Boss Salman khan announces it along with Akshay Kumar in Bigg Boss 11 grand finale.


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