SRK Aamir Khan and Deepika Padukone At Zee25

deepika padukone zee 25

ZEE25 years celebration saw all the biggest names from Bollywood attending the function. SRK, Aamir Khan, Deepika padukone and several other prominent celebrities from movies and television industry were present to honor Zee 25 years. SRK and Aamir Khan at the same event is still big news despite the two Khans becoming best of friends now. SRK came to the function in dapper black suit.


Aamir Khan was more informal at the evnt and was casually dressed. The perfectionist Khan also opted for bluish Tee shirt. Aamir Khan is currently working on his next film Thugs Of Hindostan and is seen in the event at the same look with longish hair and mustache and beard.


Deepika Padukone is looking beautiful in a simple and legant black saree. She looks elegant and charming and gets the perfect look for this occasion. Do you like her look or do you find it boring?

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