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Hina Khan Bigg Boss 11 Grand Finale Performance is Hot

hina khan bigg boss 11 grand finale

Hina Khan Bigg Boss 11 Grand Finale performance is amazing and is no less than any Bollywood heroine. The video is sure to make Bigg Boss 11 viewers go crazy. She is looking beautiful and super hot in both her performances that you will see in Bigg Boss 11 grand finale. Hina Khan perfromance is the main performance of the glittering evening which will also have ex contestants perform in Bigg Boss house.


How Amazing IS Hina Khan Bigg Boss 11 grand Finale Performance?


Hina Khan dances gracefully on Main Heroine Hoon

Hina Khan is dancing on Main Heroine Hoon from heroine movie and The other video which she is performing on is Oye Oye! She is dancing with good friends Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi and their friendship is shown in the dance. Hina Khan steals the show with her dancing.


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